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Introducing Tessera

Make complex BIM models in minutes.

Schematic architectural modelling from text instructions at low prices and high speed.

Schematic design with Tessera

* Fully AI-generated BIM model with real-world material entities.

Tessera / FAQ

A foundational tool for architectural design developed by Realms.

What is Tessera?

Tessera is a foundational AI tool for parametric architectural design, unlike pictures or illustrations, Tessera interfaces directly with BIM systems to model complex architectural concepts using geometric reasoning and real-world material entities.

What is it able to do?

This initial version is able to create outer shells of buildings including doors, windows, and other families as well as basic floor plan divisions in a single BIM file from text instructions and sketch abstractions.

How do I benefit from it?

Massive time savings (and thus costs). Architecture teams & individuals are able to speed up their schematic design phase & iterations with their clients at an unprecedented speed.

Which are the design standards?

Tessera is made to follow enduring rules of good design & timeless aesthetics while still graciously bridging with contemporary design trends.

How do I use it?

Tessera is available initially as a Revit plugin. We're also working on an Archicad version.


Realms builds infrastructure for the
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We make tools to bring down the cost of architectural beauty and enable universal design & planning compliant with local codes.

Our belief is that it's a prime imperative for the future of our societies to make beautiful cheap buildings universally accessible in order for them to flourish.

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